“The First Dance” Wedding Tradition; Then And Now

Wedding Dance

“The First Dance” Wedding Tradition; Then And Now

Early Wedding Dance

Many of us have been to the most beautiful, fairy tale weddings, where everything was perfect… even the weather. The vows were intimate, the rings were exchanged with love, the best man’s toast brought out the tears and laughter, and then…. comes the First Dance.


Historically, the First Dance was used as a grand opening for a ball by the guest of honor. The host or hostess would announce the “Opening of the Ball,” which was typically started by a highly admired guest of honor (such as the bride and groom today), someone very high on the social ladder, or a member of royalty. It was intended to open the dancing to the guests, and to set the tone and excitement for the evenings dancing festivities.


Prior to the popularity of ballroom dancing, the dance of the times was commonly a line, or parade, where the honored guests would be leading the way. It has now evolved into a tradition at modern-day weddings as a symbol of the partnership of the married couple, how well they work together as a couple leading and following. Often used is a special song to the couple, so the first dance is typically one that fits the timing of their special song. The first dance is a time to connect as a couple with the music and the guests. It is a time to shed the past, forget the future, and be as one in that exact present moment.


Today, we are not taught dance in the school systems, therefore, we could all use a little help. Taking pre-wedding dance lessons is becoming a tradition that more and more engaged couples are starting to do. This eliminates that sometimes terribly, awkward, cringe-worthy, first dance between husband and wife that the guests are obligated to endure watching for 3-6 minutes as the untrained couple sways in a dizzying, monotonous circle. If the first dance is not properly planned– consequently, what should be a very beautiful time, becomes a boring affair that can bring the celebration to a standstill.


With our busy lives and hectic schedules, there is an easy solution to creating that first dance you have always dreamed of — Backyard Ballroom will prepare and teach a customized dance to that special song that suits the bride and groom. Lessons are uniquely created around the chosen theme and skill level, all in the privacy of your home. By learning at home, you learn faster, are more relaxed and less pressured, and have fewer distraction than at a dance studio. By taking the time to learn to dance together, not only are you reducing the stress of wedding planning, but it is a built in date night where you learn a lifelong skill you can use at other celebrations (not to mention on the honeymoon!).


To make your First Dance special, click here to get more information about lessons at home. Hurry, wedding season is here and spots are quickly filling up!


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