L. Bergeson

Backyard Ballroom truly is "as good as it gets". I have had a few dance lessons with instructor Don and I always have a great time. My husband even loves dance lessons now! I will never go anywhere else.

S. Appleton

Don is an excellent dance instructor. Not only is his technique fantastic, but he is so fun to be around. His personality is upbeat and his passion for dance shows in his instruction. Don has taught me dance classes on fun date nights, taught an entire convention full of people how to Latin dance, and even taught a group of teenage boys how to dance before their first high school dance. I can't imagine going anywhere else for dance instruction.

J. Rumsey

Don is an amazing instructor with extreme patience and a gift for dance.

K. Day

Don has a way of teaching so that the student feels comfortable with the closeness that it takes. He is super fun and I learned so much from him. This takes dating to a new level. Private, fun and in your own home....perfect.

H. Evans

Don is an awesome dance instructor. I have taken a few lessons and by far he is the best. My son had a date to prom and I asked if he would come and teach him how to dance. He showed up and was awesome. He even texted me after the dance to see how things went. He gave my son confidence that he needed to join the madrigals team at school and they sing and dance in front of people.

J. Clark

Don has made dancing a fun and stress free experience. He teaches you how to dance but most importantly how to have fun with it. He's a patient teacher and wiling to work with what ever nerves you have! I will always go to Don when I need new moves! Thanks again!

T. Davis

Don's skill and personality make for a tremendous learning experience! If you're looking for someone with whom you can feel comfortable inviting into your backyard for a couple hours of fun and skilled dance lessons, then Don is your guy! I will recommend Don to everyone who's looking for a fun way to spend an evening, with your significant other, or a group!

H. Miller

I have taken dance classes with Don and can say that he is a great dance teacher. He can work with students at any level but is especially skilled at explaining movements to novice dancers and putting them at ease from the beginning. He has knowledge of many different dance styles and is an excellent dancer himself. His knowledge and experience combined with a relaxed and easy personality made every lesson a fun and rewarding experience. I would recommend Don to anyone who wants to have fun learning to dance!

T. Metcalf

What a BLAST!! Don is an incredible instructor. He keeps it fun and simple yet has a way of making you feel like you could be dancing with the stars in no time. Two thumbs up!!

S. Andrus-Velovaa

Don is an Amazing, Fun Spirited, Full Of Laughter And Sweet Dance Moves! His Energy Is Contagious And His Ability To Lead & Teach On The Dance Floor Is Like No Other! He Is Definitely My Favorite & I Highly Recommend Don And His Company!!!

A. Adamson-Gourley

Don is an excellent and fun instructor. He's talented and patient. I love that he attends dance socials so that you know you'll get a dance or two in.

J. Hudson

Hey all you Men out there, do you want to have some real fun, that will make the lady in your life never forget you? Contact Don and set up a dance class! Set up a group lesson, it's cheaper than a boring movie where you can't even get to know who you're with. What could be better than being able to break the ice and get close to the lady in your life. Trust me, she will love that you want to do something like this with her!!! You will not regret it. Don makes it so much fun, that man can dance, and you can learn in your front room or even out in the middle of the road. 🙂 Nothing is easier. He brings the music, you get to have fun and look good, because you finally set up an experience that she will not forget. I was not a guy who could dance, if I can do this so can you!!. Thank You Don Clark and Backyard Ballroom!

J. Grant

Don Clark is an amazing dance instructor! I recently completed a beginner East Coast Swing class with him. Don is patient, fun, and professional. 'Men, please take a dance class with Don! Women LOVE to dance, and most men don't take us dancing because they do not feel comfortable. You do not need a partner; there are always more women in the classes than men. Take the initiative, and learn how to dance. I promise it will pay off! 🙂

K. Watkins

Don is the best teacher! He can make any class fun and can seriously teach ANYONE to dance! He makes it seem easy and did I mention fun?

S. Fox

Don is the best dance teacher I have ever had. He goes at my pace, I never feel lost or overwhelmed by the steps and I always leave knowing some steps to actually use and take away with me. And on top of it all, its fun, fun, fun!!

H. Beers

I've seen Don show friends how to dance--and even a whole convention full of people. He took me from two left feet to feeling like I could salsa in just a few minutes! Way to make us all shine Don! Don't miss out on dance lessons with Don Clark!

M. Dyson

This would be so much fun, getting your friends together and learning new dances. Don is a wonderful instructor. I have been in group classes with Don, he is easy to follow, and makes the lesson fun. I wish I lived near him, so I could invite my friends over for a Salsa, or Country Swing dance party! Don will have you dancing and having fun right from the start!

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