Ballroom Dance Styles

"What a BLAST!! Don is an incredible instructor. He keeps it fun and simple yet has a way of making you feel like you could be dancing with the stars in no time. Two thumbs up!" -T. Metcalf

Backyard Ballroom has a wide range of styles and techniques in its menu. Learn passionate salsa, fun swing, sexy rumba, smooth waltz, dramatic paso doble, and so much more in the privacy of your own home!

Our salsa and swing dancing lessons in Utah are taught by upbeat, gifted instructors who deliver the fun and dance to your location. From rumba to jitterbug swing, each dance style is distinctly beautiful and unique, just like you! Easy, fast, steady, slow – progress at your own pace and your teacher will follow.

We typically offer American-style social dance steps because they’re easier to teach on a small dance floor, as well as for ease in leading and following. International-style steps typically require a larger floor space and are used for competition or showcases. You may request international-style steps upon booking a lesson. For dances such as samba, quickstep, and international waltz, we can provide you with a studio space for an additional “floor fee.”

We can’t wait to get you started! Learn more about the dance styles we can teach you:

Popular casual and fun social Latin dance with a great beat and rhythm.

Slow and easy and goes on the floor smooth!

A Classic Latin favorite. The cha-cha-cha, combines flirtatious chasing of one another.

Think era 1920’s with “Flapper Girls” and Great Gatsby Parties.

heart298Country Swing
A high-energy and fun way to kick up those cowboy and cowgirl heels! You’ll say “Yee-haw!”

heart298East Coast Swing
Relative of the classic Jitterbug and a fun American classic swing dance.

Popular slow classic ballroom dance done often at weddings and formal parties.

barefoot9International Slow Foxtrot
The lady and gentleman pull out all the stops in this elegant and graceful smooth ballroom dance. It combines both slow movements, fast movements and controlled rise and fall.

barefoot9International Waltz
Gliding and graceful with its wave-like rise and fall, this is the dance that comes to mind when you think ballroom dancing.

heart298Jitterbug Swing
As popular and fun today as it was in the 1950’s! Thanks to Elvis Presley, this is what they now dance in Heaven!

Fast competitive swing-style dance with syncopation’s and kicks for showing off.

heart298Nightclub Two-Step
Fun, versatile and easy to learn. This dance is designed to move all over a dance floor, or stay in a tight nightclub and can be done to slow or faster tempos.

barefoot9Paso Doble
The dance of the Matador. Telling the story of a bull fight through dance. The man is the brave and fearless Matador with the female portraying the cape, the shadow of the Matador, and yes, sometimes the bull.

The fastest of the smooth ballroom dances combining grace together with speed.

The dance of love! Personifies the slow, passionate and romantic chemistry between man and woman.

Originating from Brazil, this is full of bounce and excitement. A party on the dance floor.

A popular and fun favorite for all ages. Thank south of the border for this great and exciting dance.

If you’re a passionate person, you have to know how to tango. Also very handy if you’re an international secret spy!

barefoot9Viennese Waltz
Originating in Vienna, this is twice as fast as the standard waltz and likely what Cinderella and Prince Charming danced at the ball.

heart298West Coast Swing
Developed in California on the West Coast, this very versatile and fun dance has grown in popularity all around the world with a great cultural following!

The dance of Kings and Queens! Elegant and sophisticated. Always a classic!

heart298Indicates Popularity and Student Favorites!
barefoot9Due to the large traveling nature of these dances, they are best learned in a larger studio floor requiring a larger amount of space.
(Existing studio space is available and can be arranged for an additional “floor fee” for these dances if needed.)