About Backyard Ballroom

Why Backyard Ballroom?

It's Dance Lessons...Delivered!


A silhouette of a happy young married couple slow dancing outside at sunset, with copy-space in sky.

Convenience. The dance instructor comes to you at your location. Foxtrot in the foyer, Two-Step on the patio, push aside the lazy chair and Salsa in the living room. Contrary to popular belief, most ballroom and social dances can be done in a small place, or expanded to travel down a large floor as the occasion would require. Think of the dance floors you've seen. There really isn't a lot of room to dance anyway, so you may as well learn in a similar environment.

Private (Actually private). Learn to dance in the privacy of your own home, office, church, backyard, patio, garage or deck. (Most private lessons in studios are not truly private, but you share a large dance floor with other private lessons, sharing the same sound system). At dance studios you may be learning salsa steps, while listening to tango music going on for someone else's lesson. Not with Backyard Ballroom. Your lesson is truly private, with music pertaining to the dance style you are learning with steps and figures taught at a pace specific for your individual rate of learning.

First DanceAffordable. Save money! LOTS of money. Most private lessons cost between $75-$200 per hour and you typically must pre-purchase hundreds or thousands of dollars in dance packages at a time. You are paying for the large overhead of a dance studio, franchise fees, marketing costs, the sound equipment and systems, mirrors, electricity, secretary, furniture, etc. etc. There is a more affordable way, and you've found it here at Backyard Ballroom.

Learn Faster. Progress at your pace, not the programs lesson plan syllabus. Everyone's a snowflake, meaning everyone is unique and learn new things at their own pace. Some learn by watching, some through doing, some take repetition while others can try it a couple times and they've got it. When you are ready to move on to more steps, so is your instructor.

All this makes Backyard Ballroom the better way to learn dancing!

"Don is the best dance teacher I have ever had. He goes at my pace, I never feel lost or overwhelmed by the steps and I always leave knowing some steps to actually use and take away with me. And on top of it all, its fun, fun, fun!!" -S. Fox