Ballroom Lessons in the comfort of your home!

“Honey, I ordered a private ballroom dance lesson for us here at home. Can you believe it? The instructor makes house calls!”

In a nutshell, that’s it! Backyard Ballroom brings ballroom lessons to homes in Salt Lake City, Utah – to your very own backyard! You provide the space; we’ll take care of the rest.

Bring Ballroom Dancing home!

A true private lesson, one on one, or you and your partner, or a small group of friends. If you provide the space, indoors or outdoors, that is, as small as 6’x 8′ for a private lesson, (backyard, family room, kitchen, patio, deck, garage) then we will provide the teacher, music, instruction, and fun!

Whether you want the exercise, to learn a new skill that you can do as a couple well into your twilight years, have a fun date night, special occasion, or to prepare for a big day like a wedding or quinceañera, or have “Learn to tango” on your bucket list, it couldn’t be easier than with Backyard Ballroom.

Easy, Fun, Convenient, and Private. All at less than half the price of private ballroom studio lessons in Utah!

Ready To Have Your Own Great Dance Experience?

"I love being able to spread the joy of dance to others in a space they feel comfortable and at ease. When the student is relaxed they are able to learn easier, faster and have more enjoyment. At home, there is no fear of making mistakes, or asking questions in front of large groups, or getting into comparison about their skill levels against other dancers. There is no judgement or fear, which makes it the ideal environment to gain the confidence and skill to become a great dancer." -Don

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